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of all of the websites on the internet are running WordPress!

This is a pretty amazing stat if you think about the over half a billion websites on the internet. WordPress is hands down the most popular and powerful CMS (Content Management System) in the world. If you aren't using WordPress yet you probably should be, utilizing open source software like WordPress saves so much time and money. It's so easy to use and so extendable, you can build anything from simple blogs to complex enterprise web applications. WordPress Themes and Plugins are the keys to it's success, we can custom build any features or functionality you may require.

Custom WordPress Themes

We design and develop custom responsive WordPress themes and child themes for popular theme frameworks that are built mobile first and up to date with the latest web trends. Work with our team to mock up and deploy a custom WordPress theme that is tailored to your brand.

Custom WordPress Plugins

We are capable of developing custom WordPress plugins from scratch that will do whatever you want. We can also build add-on plugins for existing plugins you may already be using to extend them even further. Building custom WordPress plugins is what we do all day every day.

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The most popular eCommerce platform on the internet. Because it's a WordPress plugin.

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Custom WordPress Multisite Networks


What is WordPress Multisite?

With one set of source files and one database you can have as many WordPress websites as you want. Imagine how much easier it would be to manage updates of core WordPress and the plugins you are using.

Why WordPress Multisite?

There are a number of ways you can leverage the power of WordPress multisite. Set up a network of websites with sub domains, sub directories, or individual domains all powered from one install of WordPress. Easily deploy new sites from template sites already set up exactly how you want. Have a multilingual WordPress multisite network. Create sub sites of a main parent site.

Custom BuddyPress Solutions

BuddyPress Development

Member Profiles

As a WordPress administrator you can create and update any number of customizable BuddyPress member profile fields and organize them into any number of profile groups. Members can join your website and personalize their profiles based on your pre-configured profile fields and groups. Members can set their privacy settings on pre-configured profile fields. Members can find other members in a members directory and send them friend requests or private messages. 

Organic Groups

BuddyPress groups can be created organically by community members or group creation can also be restricted so only administrators or particular user roles can create groups. Group pages can be highly customized to display any group information or meta data. Plugins can extend a group page to have anything from group photo albums to group calendars. Each BuddyPress group gets a group activity stream by default. 


Members can update their basic profile information, privacy settings, notification settings, and more.

Activity Streams

Members activities are added to their activity stream much like a wall. Members can leave multiple thread comments on activity posts.


Members receive notifications when someone sends them a private message or a friend request. Notifications can be created, customized and triggered however you want.


Out of the box functionality for creating friendships on an online community. Members send requests to others that can approve or deny the request.

Private & Public Messages

Members can communicate via a private internal messaging system or publicly via @ mentioning them in a their activity stream or comments.


There's lots of free and premium BuddyPress plugins that will extend core BuddyPress. You can also hire us to build a custom plugin for you.


BuddyPress Theme Development - A hands on guide to customize and embellish your BuddyPress website.

Brian Messenlehner, a co-founder of AlphaWeb, was a technical editor for "BuddyPress Theme Development" a book published by PACKT Publishing. Some of our developers are BuddyPress core contributors and have developed numerous custom BuddyPress Plugins. We've integrated BuddyPress with 3rd party APIs and migrated data from other platforms into BuddyPress.  We know more than a few things about Custom BuddyPress Development.

We have the knowledge and experience to build any custom features or functionality you may require to extend BuddyPress. 

Custom WordPress Form Development for Gravity Forms


We can develop custom Gravity Forms functionality and Add-ons to fit all of your needs.

We understand how the Gravity Forms WordPress plugin and it's add-ons work inside and out. We can build any kind of dynamic form work flow into your web application and integrate your forms with any 3rd party API. Let us build any unique customized forms experience you may require. Tell us about the custom Gravity Forms development or any custom WordPress development you need done in the Gravity Form below 😉

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Elasticsearch Powered WordPress Search

The default WordPress search isn't that great for enterprise solutions.

Saving a search index in the WordPress database isn't the best answer.

As you grow your website's content your website becomes harder to search especially if you are using WordPress as a large CMS. Elasticsearch will index all of the data in your WordPress database optimizing search times and search results. Index your WordPress posts and comments, add super fast keyword stemming, weight your search results, and much more with Elasticsearch for WordPress.  

Custom Google Maps API Integration with WordPress